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Insurance Industry Data Entry, Processing Services

Insurance industry is a procedure oriented industry and involves lots of paper work. To top the paper work, systems are automated, meticulous and speedy information is a high profile necessity.

Insurance Claims Data Entry and Processing Services - UB, HCFA

Our services are hired by agents, insurance companies, medical transcription professionals and associated insurance data entry, data processing segment oriented business houses.

Primarily small to medium scale companies outsource their extra work load to Data Entry India there by allowing themselves to grow through increased arm of work staff, at low cost, pre-trained, experienced and working round the clock.

Claims processing involves correct processing of data to from hand written format of doctors, medical bills and many other similarly related procedures. We deal with various types of claims data entry and processing including that of:

  • Disability claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Critical illness claim forms
  • Hospitalization claim forms
  • Death claim forms
  • Ub data entry
  • Hcfa data entry

To best benefit the industry, we employ personal with domain area expertise in Insurance Industry Data Entry and Processing.

Domain expertise with claim's data entry and processing

Data Entry India has specialists from the insurance industry fields with advanced proficiency in MS Excel, Word and Outlook. Our Data Entry operators are hand picked with self starting qualities and ability to pick up tasks quickly and accurately.

They can verify and authenticate the data under process from during data conversions, actively serving and assisting agents when needed. The document digitization happens with the help of seasoned domain area experts and there by ensures that processing of paperwork happens accurately.

Data Entry India has full capacity to increase the team size when needed. We have processing units set up at different locales to support our venture in case of rapid expanse in business. With in a fortnight, we have complete capacity to increase our team size by three folds.

Outsource claim's data entry and processing to Data Entry India

To begin with we process the claims form for data entry, we start with review process, following the review, we do free sample and asses the project time line, cost and depending on your time line, we depute a data entry team with right kind of composition.

Data Entry Services Starts @ GBP 2.50 per Hour Only More about Price
99.995 % Data Entry Accuracy commitment More about Quality
24 X 7 Open Communications & Service Channels More about Project Turn Around
Fully managed Information Security More about Secure Data Entry

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